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IEM specialises in helping companies meet their compliance and documentation requirements across a range of regulations including HSNO and HSWA. We do that by providing inspections, project management, documentation, independent verification, and regulation-specific testing.

Our expertise stems from a foundation of practical, hands-on plant maintenance, plant operation and servicing management experience, along with relevant high-level engineering qualifications. We have developed an effective array of inspection and testing procedures, maintenance plans and project management approaches to ensure your factory, process or plant meets or exceeds compliance requirements.

Some of our key services include:

If you are unsure of how to go about meeting your HSNO, HSWA or statutory compliance obligations for any of the above, get in touch with Chris today to discuss.

Secondary Containment Compliance

Secondary Containment Bund hydro testing, flood testing and inspections. Dairy farm effluent bund leak testing and compliance. We manage the entire process with specialist equipment and documentation.

Lifting Equipment Inspection and Compliance

Non-PECPR on-site inspection and compliance management, including failure mode identification and risk-based assessment, of lifting beams, monorails, davits, and lifting eyes.

Safety Critical Elements

Comprehensive identification of SCEs, the review or development of ITPs and maintenance plans, and Independent Competent Person verification.

HSWA Tank Off-Streams

Off-stream tank management, repairs, Inspection & Testing Plans (ITPs) and maintenance plans. Inspection of < 250 m³ tanks. Hazardous Substance Tank compliance project management and documentation.

Specialist Maintenance Project Management and Supervision

Steam equipment (boilers and turbines), HSWA tanks off-stream and repair, Safety Critical Maintenance, general plant inspections and pre-shut scoping. Maintenance shutdown supervision.

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About IEM

IEM as a company came about naturally as a continuation of my long career in maintenance, diagnostics and operating industrial plant and equipment.

My vocational focus on safety, along with comprehensive experience managing statutory plant compliance, has resulted in several niche areas of compliance expertise. High-Risk Assets, Safety Critical Elements, Non-PECPR Lifting Equipment and Secondary Containment Bund testing are among them.

Broadly speaking, IEM specialises in working with clients to ensure statutory compliance for key safety assets. As a competent, independent inspector, my review and revision of plant and procedures is valuable on multiple levels. That very process facilitates the evidencing of a company’s culture of continuous safety improvement. 

I look forward to working with you.

Chris Carswell – Director